Sunday, January 22, 2006

As I really liked the view from Uwe's window, here is mine...


sharon said...

Hi Selga,

The view out of your window reminds me of mine today. It started snowing early this morning and will continue through the day.

The little town that you live in is beautiful.


Bee said...

Hi Selga,
Welcome to blogsphere!
What a beautiful white and cool landscape! I am suffering from intense heat, tropical storms down here.
Warm regards from Brazil,
Sao Paulo

Anna said...

the view is really wonderful, it's almost the same here in Volzhsky, Volgograd, but freezing hard, -25.
Anna Volga

Naeko said...

Dear Selga,

Nice picture! I have a similar view from my office today...

I cannot wait to see spring approaching!...soon :-)


Berta said...

Hi Selga, I hope to see more pictures and descriptions of your hometown. My view is completely different, almost still, except for clouds here and there at this time of the year. Great start ;-) Warmly from Caracas, Venezuela.

SusNyrop said...

Hi Selga,

do you still have that much snow? Here in denmark we had hoped the snow would melt, but then again we had more snow, Typical for the early phase of spring.

yours Sus in Denmark

Al said...

Hi Selga,

I especially liked renewing my memory of the view in The Castle Park. We are having abnormally warm weather (80F March 7). Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Al in Oklahoma